Cancer Currents for February 2009

News and Notes from the Director

The Cancer Center has been busy this month, with activity on all fronts as the year launches and Norris Cotton Cancer Center, like Dartmouth and institutions across the country, seeks to navigate this challenging time. We continue to look to our Strategic Plan to set our direction, and to our clinical and scientific leadership to steer the course on priority initiatives. Now more than ever, it is important that each of us stay focused on our goals-even as we are being asked to do more with less-so that we can continue to proudly deliver the best cancer care in the world, right here, right now.

-Mark Israel, MD

Dr. Arrick Appointed Steven B. Currier Clinical Oncology Scholar

Dr. Bradley Arrick

It is our pleasure to share with you the news that Bradley A. Arrick, MD, PhD, has been appointed as our third Steven B. Currier Clinical Oncology Scholar, following the tenures of Dr. Marc Ernstoff and Dr. Christopher Lowrey.

As Chief of the Section of Hematology and Oncology, Dr. Arrick is responsible for the quality of medical oncology we deliver to patients with cancer, and he plays a key role in encouraging and fostering the development of clinical trials. Dr. Arrick's study of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) and the cancer susceptibility gene, BRCA1, has been important to our breast cancer research and clinical trial development. Dr. Arrick's leadership of the Familial Cancer Program (Cancer Risk Assessment) has enabled us to provide an important service to our patients, families, and communities throughout the region.

Dr. Murray Korc collaborated on this appointment. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Arrick on this recognition of his ongoing contribution to our Center, to breast cancer science, and to our patients and families.

2009 Prouty Pilot Projects Announced

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 Prouty Pilot Project awards. More than $300,000 has been given to eleven research projects at Norris Cotton Cancer Center in the basic, clinical, and population sciences. Prouty Pilot Projects provide seed funds that support the development of creative new research and the initial data needed to apply for national funding. Now more than ever, Prouty Pilot Project funds are critical to sustaining the careers of our dedicated scientists and to developing new avenues of cancer research for our Center.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Norris Cotton Cancer Center 2009 Campaign Launches

Standing Behind Your Cancer Care Print Ad

The 2009 Dartmouth-Hitchcock advertising campaign launched in mid-January and can be seen and heard on television, radio, and in newspapers around the region. The campaign was developed to present Dartmouth-Hitchcock as a regionwide system and show the kinds of people, places, and services that characterize the Dartmouth-Hitchcock "family." Nearly 100 patients, providers, and staff participated in the filming of the television commercial and the development of other materials.

The Cancer Center is featured in the television spots, and also has specific radio and print ads targeted to key areas in the region. The ads send people to our website ( for more information and to view patient stories. Our website now also gives people the opportunity to submit their own patient stories-a feature the Cancer Center is first to offer, as a pilot for the campaign.

The 2009 Dartmouth-Hitchcock advertising campaign was featured in the January 26 CenterView Online ("Building the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Brand"). The article includes links to watch the television ad, listen to the radio spots, and view the newspaper and magazine ads.