The Basics of Clear Writing for Scientists and Clinicians

Tuesday December 11, 2012
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Organization: Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Location: Auditorium G, DHMC

Many scientists and physicians struggle with their writing, whether it be grants, manuscripts, or basic communication to their peers.Technical ability is obviously crucial to success in any scientist's or clinician's career. But of equal importance is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Individuals who rise to leadership positions in organizations generally do so partly because they can express ideas orally and in writing in persuasive, concise ways. Stated another way, it's hard to get a group of people excited about an idea or a new product or a research objective, if these things cannot be communicated in a compelling way. In this 1.5-hour seminar, we will examine the basis for unclear writing and offer ways scientists can improve their writing.

Speaker: Christopher Dant, PhD, Faculty Instructor, NCCC

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