Join Us on Facebook

Join Us on Facebook

Norris Cotton Cancer Center has a Facebook page, continuing the Cancer Center's commitment to finding new ways to personalize communication with all those interested in the Center's mission and work—patient care, cancer research, education, and local outreach for cancer prevention.

Facebook has been described as "the Internet within the Internet." In this fashion, the Cancer Center's Facebook page, which went "live" on March 24, 2010, will serve as a portal for gathering and communication, and the hub of a network of relationships.

As well as featuring recent news and updates about the Cancer Center, the goals of the Cancer Center's Facebook presence are threefold:

  • To personalize communication with patients, patient families, and supporters.
  • To stimulate dialog and interaction among the local, national, and international cancer communities.
  • To promote and disseminate information sourced from the Cancer Center's mission of cancer prevention.

Join us as a new Facebook fan! You’ll find the Cancer Center's new Facebook page at