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Norris Cotton Cancer Center Manchester

Photo: Norris Cotton Cancer Center Manchester building exterior

Located at:
Catholic Medical Center
Notre Dame Pavilion, 4th Floor
87 McGregor Street
Manchester, NH 03102
(603) 629-1828

Cancer Care in Manchester NH

When you want the best cancer treatment center possible  

As NH's only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, we offer advanced treatment options for cancer proven effective through scientific research.

As an elite academic cancer center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center offers the latest medical advances in diagnosis and treatment. Our Manchester, NH, center offers unsurpassed expertise and access to some of the world's brightest minds in cancer care at Dartmouth.

Top doctors will review your case

You will receive treatments scientifically proven to work best for your type of cancer. Your cancer team meets weekly to share test results and discuss treatment options. The cancer specialists in Manchester connect with top doctors in Lebanon, who are subspecialists, focusing solely on the diagnosis and treatment of a very specific type of cancer such as breast cancer. These top experts review your case in tumor board and recommend the very best treatment for you.

Discuss your cancer treatment options in an all-in-one visit

We offer all-in-one clinics for some of the most common cancers. These clinics let you meet with multiple specialists in the same day. This decreases delays between appointments and time away from work or family. You stay in the same room and our doctors come to you. You meet separately with your surgeon, oncologist, and organ specialist. You have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss treatment plans. To make these visits as productive as possible, your medical team comes together beforehand to update each other on your tests and treatments. This way every doctor who steps in the exam room has the latest information on your care. In Manchester, we offer all-in-one clinics for: 

We also offer advanced cancer services for every other type of cancer as well as pediatric oncology and palliative care.

To schedule an appointment call (603) 629-1828.

Focus on Manchester

Beyond Breast Cancer Treatment

Roshani R. Patel, MD developed a survivorship program to teach patients about lifestyle choices that support a cancer-free body. In the process she brought together community wellness groups, and inspired patients to support others during their journeys.

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