Compton Appointed Associate Director for Basic Sciences

August 25, 2009

Duane Compton, PhD

Duane Compton, PhD

Duane A. Compton, PhD, has been appointed Associate Director for Basic Sciences at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

In this capacity Dr. Compton will hold responsibility for oversight of cancer research in the basic sciences, and ensure coordination of collaborative activities leading to new knowledge and its translation into clinical applications. As a member of the Cancer Center's Senior Leadership team, he will contribute to strategic planning, space planning, recruitment, and the synchronous operation of the research activities of the Center. Dr. Compton will co-chair the Cancer Research Committee with Allen Dietrich, MD, Associate Director for Population Sciences.

Dr. Compton is a professor of Biochemistry at Dartmouth Medical School, directs the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program, and leads the Cancer Center's Cancer Mechanisms Research Program. He earned his PhD in Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics at the University of Texas-Health Sciences Center in Houston and completed post-doctoral work in cell biology at Johns Hopkins. During his 16 years at Dartmouth, Dr. Compton has developed a research focus in mechanisms of chromosome segregation during cell division in human cells and the effects of chromosomal instability in human tumor cells. His work is published in leading journals and was most recently described in Nature Cell Biology earlier this year.