Recent Publications

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Hanewinkel R, Blohmke S, Sargent JD (2011, In press). Smoking in movies and established smoking in adolescence. Gesundheitswesen [Epub ahead of print]. Link

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Ji S, Ford JC, Greenwald RM, Beckwith JG, Paulsen KD, Flashman LA, McAllister TW (2011). Automated subject-specific, hexahedral mesh generation via image registration. Finite Elem Anal Des 47(10):1178-1185. 3124828: PMC3124828 Link

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Lu T, Ramakrishnan R, Altiok S, Youn JI, Cheng P, Celis E, Pisarev V, Sherman S, Sporn MB, Gabrilovich D (2011, In press). Tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells induce tumor cell resistance to cytotoxic T cells in mice. J Clin Invest [Epub ahead of print]. Link

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Savino M, Annibali D, Carucci N, Favuzzi E, Cole MD, Evan GI, Soucek L, Nasi S (2011). The action mechanism of the Myc inhibitor termed Omomyc may give clues on how to target Myc for cancer therapy. PloS one 6(7):e22284. 3141027: PMC3141027 Link

Schulze C, McGowan M, Jordt SE, Ehrlich BE (2011). Prolonged oxaliplatin exposure alters intracellular calcium signaling: A new mechanism to explain oxaliplatin-associated peripheral neuropathy. Clin Colorectal Cancer 10(2):126-133. Link

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Schwartz LM, Woloshin S (2011). Communicating uncertainties about prescription drugs to the public: A national randomized trial. Arch Intern Med 171(16):1463-1468. Link

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