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What are the Results?

“We provide the highest standards of care in a patient-centered environment. The transplant program ranks in the top percentiles demonstrating the shortest length of stays. The results of our patient satisfaction surveys prove that we offer the most advanced care in a compassionate manner. These results speak highly of our continual efforts for program improvement.”
Kenneth Meehan, MD
Director of Blood and Marrow Transplantation

What we hear from Norris Cotton Cancer Center transplant patients

  • “It’s always a pleasant time to see my doctor and nurse practitioner. They have been like no other team. They talk to me about how things are going, then they allow me to talk to them about anything that I may have to say. They saved my life.”
  • “I spend much time at DHMC, but each time I go I know that I’m having the best care possible, in a pleasant environment, with a great staff and the most competent doctors. Care is unbelievable!!!”
  • “My doctor is very compassionate, caring, and respects me as an intelligent person who wants to take an active role in my treatment. I also appreciate his ongoing contacts, as needed, with my primary physician. Great support! Much appreciated! He is fantastic!” My doctor is the absolute most caring, wonderful doctor I have ever had to deal with. I hope he never leaves your staff.”
  • “The nurse practitioner is truly wonderful! Her personality and knowledge, confidence, really made me at ease and very comfortable. In fact, she made me feel like I was talking to a good friend.”
  • “My oncologist showed a genuine interest in my illness, was extremely easy to talk to, very pleasant and knowledgeable. I was recently diagnosed with CLL. Obviously, I was very concerned and ‘scared.’ Your staff helped me to relax and took many of my concerns and worries away—I still have CLL, however, I am not as scared now. You guys are excellent!”

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