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Who Can Have a Transplant?

Our treatment team will talk with your oncologist to discuss your eligibility for a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Many factors come into consideration, including age, disease, and co-occurring conditions. To determine your eligibility we will carefully review your medical record in advance.

At your initial consult you will meet with members of the treatment team, including the physician, nurse practitioner and nurse coordinator. We encourage you to ask a lot of questions in your initial consult.

As part of the process of determining whether or not you are a candidate for blood or marrow transplantation, a series of tests help evaluate the extent and severity of disease. During the evaluation, we routinely draw several tubes of blood for multiple tests. Additional tests that may be required include chest X-rays, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and pulmonary function tests. If necessary, a PET scan or other required tests may also be run.

We understand that travel and time are issues with many people, so we try to coordinate all tests during one visit or at your doctor's office.

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