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Interdisciplinary Breast Clinic

The Interdisciplinary Breast Clinic focuses on meeting each patient's individual needs. All patients receive a personalized treatment plan that delivers the right care at the right time.

At times, individual visits with several providers may be coordinated on a single day, eliminating needlessly long delays between appointments. This also allows patients to meet with many specialists, and together design the best possible treatment plan. Once a plan is developed, patients often can receive part of their treatment close to home with one of our regional partners.

The Interdisciplinary Breast Clinic can also provide patients with a second opinion of a diagnosis and treatment plan. The pathologists, radiologists, care coordinators, oncologists and, if needed, reconstructive surgeons and geneticists review the details of each case and offer expert guidance based on their experience with the latest cancer studies and treatments, and each patient's individual needs and preferences. A second opinion can offer patients additional options, or reassure them about a proposed treatment plan.

If you are seeking a second opinion, or have questions about our patient care services, please call us at (603) 653-3500.

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