A National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center


Shared Resources



Services & Equipment

  • Biorepository, sample collection/receipt, processing, logging, storage and mail out
  • Consultation re study design for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study endpoints
  • Analyte measurement in biological samples by HPLC and LC-MS/MS
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data modeling and analysis
  • Pharmacogenetic assays and expertise
  • Research nursing resource
  • Eight 25 cu ft, low-temperature (-70oC) freezers
  • One 13 cu ft -35 oC freezer
  • Electronic bar coding sample management system
  • Two (1 Waters and 1 Varian) HPLC systems; the Varian system is controlled by a state-of the-art automated computerized system
  • HPLC Accessory UV and fluorescence detectors and integrator/plotters
  • Minimass Waters LC-MS/MS quadropole system
  • MagnaPure LC DNA Extractor and ABI 700 PCR
  • Third Wave Invader Assay on a Tecan Fluorimeter
  • Nanogen Molecular Biology Workstation
  • Computers with state-of-the-art statistical pharmacokinetic /pharmacodynamic modeling software

Charges for the biorepository function and for development and application of various analytical assays or PK modeling are negotiated with the PI, depending on the volume of samples, difficulty of the assay, project, etc.