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Amy and Cathy's Story

After meeting with cancer experts and counselors at Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center, good friends Amy and Cathy were able to slow down, learn about their options, and make the best decision for them.

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Cameron's Story

For Cameron, "B-positive" is more than just his blood type. He made it his motto, starting the "Be Positive for CHaD Kids" fund and raising $3,500 over the holidays for his fellow patients at CHaD.

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Christine's Story

"Exhausted and out of breath while visiting my daughter in New Jersey, I barely made it home to New Hampshire to see my doctor in Keene. After a blood test showed that I was dangerously anemic, I was sent to the emergency room for a blood transfusion. There I learned the culprit: leukemia. I was referred to Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon for bone marrow biopsies and chemotherapy. It was there that I met Dr. Mary Chamberlin."

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Cindy's Story

"If what I do in this clinical trial can help one woman in the future, then I've done a wonderful thing."

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Janis' Story

"One thing I have found at Norris Cotton Cancer Center is that no matter how much time I need to talk or ask questions, the doctors give it to me. I never feel rushed, or that I am inconveniencing them."

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Jennifer's Story

The last thing you'd expect as a 35-year-old personal trainer and fitness instructor, who doesn't drink or smoke, is to be diagnosed with cancer. Yet, that's exactly what happened to Jennifer in 2008.

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John's Story

John's Story

"What I discovered about myself is that, at my core, I have a positive approach to life. I went into it expecting that things would work out and the treatment would be fast and effective and it was."

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Marge and Alan's Story

"I don't think she could have received any better care than here at Norris Cotton Cancer Center in St. Johnsbury."

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Mel's Story

"Just when I thought life had handed me too much, I found myself surrounded by people there to support me."

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Scott's Story

"Would I do this procedure again if someone was a positive match? In a heartbeat."

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Skylar's Hemophilia Treatment Story

"Now that I've gotten fairly good at doing this, doing the infusions...I have sort of taken to challenging myself to finding interesting places to do them in."

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