Golf to Support Cancer Research and Care

Play a round of golf at the Hanover Country Club and help fund programs that support NCCC cancer patients

After helping to organize Golf The Prouty last year Eileen Samor experienced first-hand the compassionate care offered at NCCC. She found incorporating patient support programs into her radiation treatment routine always made the day go better.

Eileen Samor first learned about the Prouty when, as a board member of the Hanover Country Club, she was asked repeatedly over the years to change the date of an event the club held on the second Saturday in July. "People kept asking us to move our event to another day so they could Prouty," she says. "We're right across the street from the Richmond Middle School field—it was embarrassing! At first we changed our event to Sunday, but since so many members were passionate Prouty participants, we decided to join in and host a golf event."

And so, in 2013 "Golf the Prouty" was born. The initial goal was to attract 96 participants, but demand was so high that they only started turning people away after 144 people had signed up. In an unusually successful first year effort, the club golf event raised more than $50,000 to support the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. This year organizers have expanded golfing hours to accommodate more than 200 participants: tee times are reserved exclusively for Prouty golfers on Saturday, July 12, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Groups and individuals can sign up on line at

Eileen Samor helped to organize the first Golf the Prouty. Then she experienced first-hand the value of the patient care programs Prouty funds support.

Prouty funds support cancer researchers testing new ideas

While planning the Prouty Golf event Samor worked directly with other organizers and volunteers—many who were NCCC staff members, current or past patients, caregivers, physicians, and cancer researchers. "I was able to share ideas and work with the most caring and dedicated people," she says. "I learned that Prouty funds support researchers with new ideas so they can gather the data they need to apply for much larger federal grants."

From fundraiser to supported patient

In September, just two months after that successful first Golf The Prouty, a routine mammogram uncovered a small but invasive tumor in Samor's breast. The cancer was caught early, and she had a successful lumpectomy followed by four weeks of daily radiation treatment.

She knew that at NCCC she would be treated by expert physicians and have access to the most advanced research and technology in the country. And she says the compassionate care she received helped her get through her treatment with hope and a positive attitude. But she was surprised by the extensive patient support programs NCCC offers cancer patients, and she hadn't realized that these programs are supported by dollars raised by the Prouty, including the golf event she had just helped organize.

"When you go through radiation you just want to go in and get out of there as fast as you can," she says. "I found that if I stayed and took part in one of the programs—did tai chi or had a massage—the rest of the day went better. I forced myself to make this my routine each day: it was right there, so it was very convenient" (To learn more about Patient and Family Support programs and events see the website, or contact us at; (603) 650-7751)

Now that the snow is off the golf course Samor is busy helping to organize the 2014 Golf The Prouty, but she approaches the work this year with new insight. Her personal journey with breast cancer gave her first-hand experience with the patient care programs funded by the Prouty, and strengthened her commitment to help support and raise money for cancer research.

About the Prouty

The Prouty began in 1982 when four nurses rode their bicycles 100 miles to honor an inspiring patient, Audrey Prouty. Those four nurses raised $4,000 to support Norris Cotton Cancer Center. By 2013, more than 6,000 participants and volunteers were annually teaming up with more than 100 corporate sponsors for a combined 32-year fundraising total of more than $20 million.
The 33rd Annual Prouty will be held on July 11 and 12, 2014 in Hanover, New Hampshire. To learn more about Golf the Prouty, or any of the other Prouty events, visit

Can't Golf Prouty this year? Do a Virtual Prouty! "Virtual Prouty-ers" have walked the Great Wall of China, run in Australia, cycled in France, and mountain biked in California: Prouty-ing Virtually allows creative options for participants anywhere. Learn more about the Virtual Prouty.

April 28, 2014