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Agilent Arrays

Agilent's Dual-Mode Gene Expression Analysis Platform gives you the best of both worlds. It delivers both the ease of one-color experimental design and the resolving power of two-color detection - all in a single platform. This unique dual-mode processing capability is built upon a foundation of reliable products that provide a level of quality unmatched in the industry.

Agilent's platform offers either one (single sample Cy3) or two (two samples, one Cy3 and one Cy5) color assays on a glass slide array.

Agilent Expression chips require 50ng-5ug of total RNA in a maximum volume of 8.3uL.

Microarrays - Designed and validated for one-color and two-color processing.

All samples submitted for microarrays must first pass a Quality Check (nanodrop and Agilent Bioanalyzer) request in the DGML.

See price list for all the available platforms.

For more details about the Agilent platform, please visit their website.