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Illumina Deep Sequencing

DNA sequencing has undergone several revolutions in recent decades such that current "next generation" sequencers enable experiments that were, until now, virtually impossible to perform. The Illumina Genome Analyzer II is a next generation "short read" instrument suited for DNA and RNA "resequencing" applications and for metagenomic surveying. Use of the Illumina Genome Analyzer at Dartmouth will enable them to pinpoint genetic mutations and variations associated with phenotypes, determine the genomic locations bound by specific DNA-binding proteins, identify and quantify differences in mRNA expression as a function of environmental conditions, and many other applications. Dartmouth has built all of the computational infrastructure and will provide extensive bioinformatics support for sequence assembly and analysis to enable innovative and high impact science.

See price list for all the available platforms.

For more details about the Illumina deep sequencing platforms, please visit their web site.