A National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center


Shared Resources




  • Data acquisition and analysis
    • Consultation on what is available, where to find it
    • US Census Data, other demographic data
    • Transportation networks (streets, buses, subways)
    • Health surveys and registries
    • Retail outlets, business locations
    • Administrative units – towns, counties, states, zip code etc.
    • Landcover, environmental data
    • Rural and urban areas
  • Privacy protection for potentially-identifiable health data
  • Geocoding
Project Design
  • Design data collection standards
    • Integrate GPS and other sensors
  • Preliminary data analysis/exploration
  • Budget and timeline for geospatial components
Spatial Analysis
  • Travel times and distances, catchment areas
  • Density surfaces
  • Cluster analysis and identifying patterns
  • Geospatial regression analysis
  • Hierarchical regression analysis
  • Geographic distributions
  • Spatial/temporal trends
  • Data visualization
  • Maps of study locations
  • Maps for publications/presentations/posters

Most services are provided on an hourly fee basis. There is no charge for initial consultations.