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Bio-Plex Array Reader

The Bio-Plex suspension array system offers researchers a multiplex assay solution that permits analysis of up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample.

Photo: Bio-Plex Array ReaderSystem Components
  • Array reader - combines two lasers, fluidics, and real-time digital signal processing to distinguish up to 100 different color-coded bead sets, each representing a different analyte.
  • Calibration and validation kits - system tools for daily calibration of signal output and for monthly validation of primary performance parameters of the reader.
  • Bio-Plex MCV plate IV - maintenance, calibration, and validation plate customized for hands-free startup, shutdown, and performance testing.
  • High-throughput fluidics - delivers up to 20 L of sheath fluid (40 plates) without user intervention.
  • Bio-Plex Manager software - controls the instrument, data acquisition and analysis for superior curve fitting, statistics reporting, and charting features, with no requirements to export or import files.
  • Bio-Plex SNP Manager data analysis software - simple-to-use data analysis tool for nucleic acid applications.