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DNA Sequencing Order form (PDF)

Protein Services Sample Order form (PDF)

Sample Preparation for DNA Sequencing (PDF)

Sample Preparation for Protein Sequencing (PDF)

Submission of Coomassi Stained gel Slice for Protein Identification (PDF)

Submission of Silver Stained gel Slice for Protein Identification (PDF)

Protocol for Reduction and Alkylation prior to Gel Electrophoresis of Samples Submitted for Protein Identification (PDF)

QPCR User Bulletin 2 (PDF)

Rates (PDF)

ProBlott (PDF)

Guidelines for Submission of Purified Whole Protein Samples for MALDI & ESI MS (PDF)

Protein Expression and Mass Spectroscopy General Information (PDF)

Instructions for Automated Sample Submission for DNA Sequencing (PDF)

Edman Sequencing Newcomer Book (PDF)