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Below is a list of major equipment housed in or cared for by the Molecular Biology and Proteomics Core Facility. See the shared equipment section for information on availability and location.

ABI 2700 GeneAmpABI 2700 GeneAmp PCR System

ABI 3730 DNA AnalyzerABI 3730 DNA Analyzer

Model 7700ABI Model 7700 Sequence Detector

Model 7500ABI Model 7500 Real Time PCR System (2)

Model 3100ABI Prism Model 3100 DNA genetic analyzers (2)

ABI Model 392-5 DNA Synthesizer (no photo)

Model 394ABI Model 394-5 DNA Synthesizer

Model 494ABI Model 494 Protein Sequencer

ABI SymbiotABI Symbiot MALDI plate spotting robot

ABI VoyagerABI Voyager DE Pro MALDI-Mass Spectrometer

Advion NanoMateAdvion NanoMate ESI Source
Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC System
Thermo Finnigan LCQ DECA Mass Spectrometer

Agilent BioanalyserAgilent Bioanalyser

Alpha Inotec GelAlpha Inotec Gel Doc System

PF2DBeckman-Coulter Proteome Lab PF2D

Biacore XBiacore X

Bio-Rad Protein IEF System (no photo)

HP 1090HP Model 1090 Microbore HPLC

Janus Automated WorkstationJanus Automated Workstation

Kodak Model M7 X-Ray Film Processor (no photo)

X-Ray ProKodak Model 2000 X-Ray Film Processor

MD StormMolecular Dynamics Storm Imager
Molecular Dynamics Personnel Densitometer

MD TyphoonMolecular Dynamics Typoon Imager

NanodropNanoDrop Technologies, Inc. NanoDrop Spectrometer

Packard Multi ProbePackard Multi-Probe 204DTS Liquid Handling Robots (2)