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Shared Instruments

The MBCF maintains a number of instruments for use on a walk-up basis. Some of these instruments require training before investigators are permitted to use them. See the listing below for details on individual instruments. For further information please contact the MB Core.

Imaging Equipment

X-Ray film processors

We maintain two X-Ray film processors. One is located in the Medical School, Remsen 241 and at DHMC Borwell 648 W. A pin number is need to use the film processor and can be obtained by contacting the MB Core.


GE Typhoon 9410
Located at DHMC in Borwell 518E

GE Typhoon 8600

GE Typhoon 8600
Located in Medical School Remsen 241

GE Storm 860

GE Storm 860
Located in Medical School Remsen 241

BioRad Chemi

BioRad ChemiDoc XRS+ Imaging System
Located in Medical School Remsen 241

General Equipment

Q-PCR instruments
We have two ABI model 7500 located in Remsen 241. Please see the Quantitative PCR section for details.

Agilent Bioanalyzer

Agilent Bioanalyser

The Agilent Bioanalyser uses a Lab on a Chip format for a variety of assays. It is most commonly used to judge the quality and quantity of RNA prior to QPCR and it can be used to perform a number of DNA and protein assays. See the Agilent website for more information. The Agilent Bioanalyser is located in Room 243 Remsen. Some instruction is required before use.

Nanodrop Spectrometer

NanoDrop Spectrometer

It does everything you would want a spectrophotometer to do and more. Please see the NanoDrop website or contact the MB Core for more information. The NanoDrop Spectrometer is located in Room 242 Remsen. Some instruction is recommended before use.

Maldi Mass-ABI voyager

MALDI Mass spectrometer

Applied Biosystems Voyager DE Pro MALDI-Mass Spectrometer is located in Room 243A Remsen.

GE Biacore X

Biacore X

The Biacore X instrument uses Surface plasmon resonance for the detection of molecular interactions in real time. No labels are required and, in some cases, the binding partner can be recovered. See the Biacore website for complete details. The Biacore X is located in Room 243A Remsen. Training is required before use.

Remsen 241 is open 24/7.

Remsen 243A can be accessed 24/7 but you need to have the door combination to be able to get in. Contact the MB Core

All Instruments located in Borwell have 24/7 access.