Cancer Care

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Patient Stories

Experimental Therapies

"I've felt pretty well cared for throughout the process and have tremendous respect and gratitude for Dr. Fadul and the other folks I received treatment from. When I was first diagnosed and considering options, I checked out a lot of experimental therapies--clinical trials. It turned out the one I chose was Dr. Fadul's own program. It seemed intuitively sensible to me. I was very glad that I went through the study. I think it helped me out."
- Tony, 52 years old, Vermont

Friendlier than you Expect

"I enjoy going to see my team. They are friendlier than you expect a doctor to be. They greet me like,'Hey how are you doing? It's nice to see you.' I think they are happy to see me and I feel the same way. I have gotten to know them a little bit too. It helps that the care has turned out so well. I speak highly of them to everyone."
- Ben, 28 years old, New Hampshire