A National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center


Shared Resources




  • Tissue Collection
    • Prospective fresh - immediate delivery
    • Prospective fresh - sterile
    • Prospective fresh - for frozen storage
    • Retrospective frozen tissue retrieval
    • Retrospective fixed tissue retrieval
  • Histology Services
    • Slide retrieval - Retrospective
    • Process tissues for paraffin blocks
    • Slide preparation - H and E
    • Perform special stains
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Sendout slides for protocol
  • Pathologist Consultation Services
    • Assistance with the collection of archived blocks to be used for your study
    • Slide interpretation
    • Assistance with the selection of stains or immunohistochemical antibodies to be used
    • Study design
    • Other professional services
  • Molecular Pathology Resources
    • Laser capture dissection microscopy
    • DNA/RNA extraction and banking
    • DNA sequencing
    • SNP genotyping
    • Quantitative gene expression analysis

Most services of this shared resource are on a fee-for-service basis.  Charges for services will be made directly to investigator accounts.