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Cancer Survivor Clinic

Every Friday a multidisciplinary clinic team of nurse practitioners, physical therapists, nutritionist, chaplain, psychologist and other providers are available to cancer survivors as needed.

Their purpose is to address the issues that can arise for cancer survivors, such as nerve pain, impaired mobility, osteoporosis, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, and spiritual distress, and Advance Care Planning/Advance Directives. This clinic is provided to assist patients with cancer and their families during and beyond cancer treatment.

Transitional care plan

An important component of the clinic's services is the Transitional Care Plan, or TCP. The TCP is an individualized, comprehensive treatment summary. Patients scheduled for a TCP appointment will have completed therapy for their disease and will not be anticipating further treatment. For each patient, the TCP provides a detailed summary of four areas:

  • Diagnosis - exactly what the patient had, including detailed test results.
  • Treatment - what therapies the patients received (surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation, for example).
  • Prognosis - expected outcomes for the patient after treatment.
  • Follow-up - what the patient needs to do from this point on to deal with side effects of treatment or chronic problems, as well as health screening recommendations.
Cancer Survivor Clinic photo

Anna Schaal, APRN, counsels a patient

The completed plan is given to the patient and their primary care physician and is used as a blueprint to guide them though follow-up care. The TCP serves as a summary and basis for communication between patients, their referring provider, primary care physician, and any new provider they see in the future.

In addition to, or separate from TCPs, survivors can also seek clinical care or be referred for care pertaining to physical or psychological treatment-related side effects such as: neuropathy, fatigue, osteoporosis, hot flashes, physical disability, anxiety, depression, spiritual distress, insomnia or sexual dysfunction.

Contact Us

Cancer survivors can contact the Survivorship Clinic at the phone number below. Although a referral from a provider is encouraged, it is not required.

  • Location: 3E in the Cancer Center
  • Phone: (603) 650-6344
  • Hours: Fridays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Contact Us