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Creative Writing

Marv Klassen-Landis readingMarv Klassen-Landis brings more that 20 years of experience teaching in the literary arts to the Creative Arts Program at our Lebanon, NH, location. He offers patients and their families the opportunity to write poetry, prose or letters, or to listen as Marv reads to them. People are often surprised by the power of their own words when transcribed by Marv.

Note: This service is available in our Lebanon, NH, location.

This offering is part of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Creative Arts Program, which includes visual art, literary arts, and music.

Telling our Stories Through Word and Image

Telling our Stories Through Word and Image is our favorite annual event showcasing the creative writing and visual art done by cancer patients and their families. You can download the 2016 Anthology (PDF) or contact Support Services at cancersupport@hitchcock.org to receive a copy.

Welcome to the Telling Our Stories through Word and Image 2016 Anthology, a heart-felt collection of poems, songs, artist statements and stories written by patients, loved ones and our clinical staff at D-H and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. This year we have also included photos taken at our October 2016 event. We’d like to share with you a visual slice of this special annual reception, reading and art show.

Thank you for honoring our artists with your attention. To have one’s artistic expression witnessed, listened to or seen by others is a rare and profound gift.

The Creative Arts Program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center offers group art and writing classes and one-on-one visits with cancer patients and palliative care patients as well as loved ones in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Visual artists, writers/storytellers and a therapeutic harpist are onsite to serve patients each week. Because there is never a charge to patients for our services, the Creative Arts Program has relied on the support of philanthropy. We thank the cancer center administration, the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the individual donors who make possible a patient arts program through which so many with a stressful diagnosis can benefit.

Patient and Family Support Services
Norris Cotton Cancer Center

  • Welcoming Remarks: Deborah Steele and Marv Klassen-Landis

  • Blair Brooks

  • Hamilton Gillett & Ed Cheramie

  • David Dolan

  • Deb Williams

  • Michael Higgins

  • Kesaya Noda

  • Margaret Slosberg

  • Linda Mauriello

  • Laura Foley

  • Jayne Place-Rutledge

  • Kate Adams

  • Ed Cheramie

  • Lori Estey

  • Margo Marrone

  • Naomi Hartov

  • Alejandra Casco

  • Julia Pierce

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