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Comprehensive Breast Program

The Comprehensive Breast Program provides complete and compassionate care for breast patients, both men and women. Our highly trained specialists from a variety of medical disciplines work together to provide a thorough diagnosis and the very best treatment plan, and to deliver a range of medical and supportive services focused on you, not just your disease.

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Focus on Breast Cancer

Bringing Back Sex after Cancer

What does “surviving cancer” mean within the context of a patient’s personal life, especially in relationships and marriages? How should a cancer survivor and their partner approach the complex, delicate and emotional subject of sexual intimacy?

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The Comprehensive Breast Program includes:

Part of a nationally recognized cancer research and treatment center, the Comprehensive Breast Program includes breast specialists and scientists, and provides care based on the latest cancer research and new approaches to treatment. From diagnosis to survivorship, we facilitate all aspects of your emotional and physical care, and encourage and support your participation in decision making and treatment.

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  • Our interdisciplinary team:: Highly trained breast specialists provide diagnosis and treatment, and offer advanced options based on the newest research and approaches. In our Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic, individual appointments with our breast cancer specialists are coordinated on a single day.
  • Our comprehensive approach:: Every patient receives expert, accurate diagnosis; a tailored treatment plan and support with decision making; and compassionate care that includes a range of patient- and family-centered services from diagnosis through to survivorship.
  • Clinical trials and research:: Our doctors and scientists are making new discoveries about the biology of breast cancers, and developing novel treatments through clinical trials.
  • Convenient, close-to-home regional locations:: Care is available through our central hub in Lebanon, NH, as well as multiple regional locations.