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The Effect of a Goal Setting Intervention on Exercise in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer: An Exploration of the Lipogenic Pathway
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This study is a randomized prospective clinical trial of women with metastatic breast cancer. The purpose of the study is to test if an intervention of regular physical activity review and physical activity goal setting will allow the subjects to achieve a moderate increase in physical activity of 6,000 steps per week. The physical activity review will consist of weekly telephone call to inquire about symptoms and to set physical activity goals. The study will also look to see if the goal setting intervention will affect the time to progression, change in BMI, and quality of life. Quality of life will be measured by answers to questionnaires provided to subjects at regular intervals during the course of the study. Finally, the study will examine the impact of physical activity on expression of tumor molecular molecules, insulin levels, and estradiol levels. Through an intervention of regular physical activity review and goal setting, the investigators hypothesize that a moderate increase in level of physical activity of 6000 steps per week or more can be obtained by patients with metastatic breast cancer who receive a goal setting intervention. The investigators propose that those who are able to achieve and maintain greater than or equal to 22500 steps per week will demonstrate biologic and molecular differences compared to those who are not able to achieve that level of physical activity. The investigators expect that people who are more active will have longer to progression. 
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