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Profile: Konstantin Dragnev, NCCC's New Associate Director for Clinical Research

As Associate Director for Clinical Research, Dr. Dragnev serves as the fulcrum point between NCCC’s twin missions: advancing cancer research and providing the best possible treatment and care for patients with cancer.

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Clinical trials test new medical approaches in patients with cancer, and are important to developing new treatments for cancer. Many of the "standard treatments" that patients with cancer receive today were developed based on the results of previous clinical trials.

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  • Search for a clinical trial. In addition, you can search this website for clinical trials at Norris Cotton Cancer Center. You can search by cancer type, principal investigator, study number, or keyword.
  • Call or email us. You can also call our Cancer Help Line at (800) 639-6918 to speak with a cancer research nurse, or email the cancer research nurses directly. 
  • Brochures. Download the Fall 2013 issue of Research Counts, a new quarterly newsletter highlighting NCCC research activities and clinical trials
Cindy's Story

"If what I do in this clinical trial can help one woman in the future, then I've done a wonderful thing." View/hear Cindy's story.