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SunSafe for the Early Years

SunSafe for the Early Years promotes sun protection for children ages 2 - 9 through the delivery of complementary programs in three settings: elementary schools and daycare centers, town beach areas, and primary care practices.

An age- and grade-specific curriculum for two theme days or class periods promoting sun protection is available for child care workers and elementary school teachers. The SunSafe beach area program consists of training lifeguards to post daily UV indices, encouraging the use of sunscreen, and distributing educational pamphlets. Clinicians are encouraged to provide sun protection counseling by establishing an office system that promotes advice during well-child and illness office visits.

The National Cancer Institute's Sunsafe research project improved sun protection by 40 percent in children between the ages of two and nine.

You can download the program's files below.

Program Adaptation Guidelines (PDF, 89 KB)

SunSafe Reading List (PDF, 108 KB)

SunSafe Certificate (PDF, 337 KB)

Primary care practice manual
Curriculum for preschoolers
Curriculum for kindergarten – 4th grades

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