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Pre-clinical Imaging and Irradiation Resource

Irradiation and Small-Animal Imaging

The mission of the NCCC's Pre-clinical Imaging and Irradiation Shared Resource:

  • The Irradiation Resource assists investigators in radiation treatment planning and the delivery of ionizing irradiation to cells, rodents, large animals and spontaneous animal tumors.
  • Pre-clinical Imaging provides technologies for rodent and large animal imaging used in pre-clinical research studies.


Imaging facilities

Third level of Borwell in the Animal Resource Center
(603) 650-5685
Norris Cotton Cancer Center
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
Pricing information and sample submission


P. Jack Hoopes DVM, PhD

P. Jack Hoopes DVM, PhD
(603) 650-5031

Research Interest: Experimental cancer therapeutics including radiation, chemotherapy, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy and nanotechnology (iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer treatment), animal pathology, animal models, experimental surgical technology.

Rendy Strawbridge, BS

Rendy Strawbridge, BS
Resource Manager
(603) 650-8548

Karen Moodie, DVM, MS

Karen Moodie, DVM, MS
Associate Director
Small Animal Imaging Studies
(603) 650-5685