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Immunology & Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer has continued to be a primary focus of the Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy Research Program.

Focus on Immunology & Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy: Targeting Cancer with the Immune System

Immunotherapies are a class of treatments that trigger or enhance normal anti-cancer immune system activity, restoring the immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

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Mary Jo Turk, PhD
Kenneth R. Meehan, MD

The mission of the Program is to create an interdisciplinary environment in which important scientific questions in cancer immunology can be addressed and the development of new immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer is facilitated.

The Program achieves this goal by providing resources and activities that foster meaningful interactions among and between basic cancer researchers and clinicians. The Program nurtures these interactions by assisting in the training of young scientists who will pursue careers in the immunology of cancer; by providing forums for the exchange of scientific ideas, and by funding early efforts in translational cancer immunology.