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Irradiation & Small-Animal Imaging

The primary mission of the Irradiation Shared Resource (ISR) continues to be the delivery of ionizing irradiation to cells, rodents and large animals, including spontaneous animal tumors. The ISR provides experimental irradiation service to NCCC and other Dartmouth investigators. Research imaging modalities previously developed and provided in this resource are now included in the new Developmental Shared Resource, Animal Imaging. The availability of a variety of radiation sources continues to allow the ISR to offer a broad and versatile irradiation capability with a wide range of energies and dose rates. The resource currently operates multiple experimental and clinical irradiators, including a Cs -gamma source (12,000 Curie, Cs-137), an orthovoltage x-ray source (Pantak multiple energy, 300 KV x-irradiator), a 6-18 MeV linear accelerator (which produces both photons and electrons) and an Ir-192 high-dose rate after-loader.