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Pathology Translational Research

The Pathology Shared Resource (PSR) provides four primary services for NCCC investigators:

  1. it partners researchers with appropriate pathologists to provide specific expertise matched to the needs of the research project;
  2. it coordinates the procurement, preservation, and distribution of human tissues and cells for funded and developmental NCCC basic and clinical research;
  3. it performs histologic, immunohistologic, and molecular diagnostic procedures including DNA sequencing SNP genotyping and quantitative gene expression analysis for NCCC researchers; and
  4. it provides a GMP cell processing laboratory for the isolation/purification, manipulation, expansion and/or storage of cells derived from a patient's/subject's peripheral blood intended for autologous reinfusion.

The Pathology Shared Resource is closely integrated with the anatomic pathology laboratory of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and provides a cost-effective mechanism for NCCC investigators to take advantage of the economic efficiencies provided by that high-volume facility. The Core is managed by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center as a shared resource on behalf of the university and is available to all investigators within the greater Dartmouth research community. This Shared Resource is supported by funds from the Norris Cotton Cancer Center Core Grant is overseen by the EMTG, an oversight and advisory committee of the Cancer Center.