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Transgenics & Genetic Constructs Shared Resource

The mission of the TGCSR is to support the generation and utilization of genetically modified mice by members of the Dartmouth research community.  The support starts with intellectual support in planning and designing transgenic experiments provided by consultation with the TGCSR director.  The TGCSR is now able to offer not only assistance with design of genetic constructs but also the production of genetic constructs for use in transgenic animal production through “recombineering” in either yeast or E. coli.  The tasks of manipulating the mouse embryo are fully provided by the TGCSR either in house or through an established relationship with the Jackson Labs.  Jackson labs is now providing cryopreservation services to protect and preserve valuable transgenic mouse lines.  The TGCSR can also provide genotyping and mouse husbandry services.  As currently organized, the TGCSR can provide the full range of services required to design, generate and maintain transgenic mouse lines.