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Creative Writing

Photo: Writing Marv Klassen-Landis brings more that 20 years of experience teaching in the literary arts to the Creative Arts Program at our Lebanon, NH, location. He offers patients and their families the opportunity to write poetry, prose or letters, or to listen as Marv reads to them. People are often surprised by the power of their own words when transcribed by Marv.

Note: This service is available in our Lebanon, NH, location.

This offering is part of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Creative Arts Program, which includes visual art, literary arts, and music.

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Chemo, Day 1, Cycle 3

Susan Shaw
January 9, 2010

I saw what you look like in a book—
Round, white, like a puffball with tentacles.
Is that correct? You have so much intelligence.
You know just what you want and how you can get it.

Is that true? Everyone says so.

Do you operate out of "malicious will"
or simply running for office like our politicos?
Are you our budding impulse to power, territory, and
sucking up the goodies?

Where am I going with this? That's the question for
the poem and the body.
This journey requires me putting those two
together—the body and the poem.

You, primary peritoneal puffballs, are hereby bequeathed
transcendent territory in these lines.
Spread out and let the blood flow follow you there.
Maybe I don't want to kill you off—
just give you a new place to live.

Dumpster Divining

Doris Dowell
January 4, 2011

Viewing the dumpster
From the chemo room,
I think about the chemo
Marching through my veins,
Killing what’s good
As well as what’s bad.
At times I feel like
Running out to that dumpster
And jumping in
Because my insides
Are getting trashed.
In three weeks
I will see that dumpster again,
With my humor still intact.