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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Mission & Vision

View our strategic initiatives for achieving the Norris Cotton Cancer Center mission and vision.


To prevent and cure cancer through pioneering interdisciplinary research, to translate new knowledge into better prevention and treatment, and to provide effective and compassionate clinical care that improves the lives of patients with cancer and their families.

We are committed to excellence in our research, dynamic partnerships between our laboratories and clinics, robust outreach and education throughout our region, and outstanding education and training programs for future cancer scientists and clinicians.


Norris Cotton Cancer Center will discover new worlds of cancer medicine, lead efforts to prevent and cure cancer in Northern New England, and contribute to solving the problems of cancer worldwide, while providing the highest level of safe, innovative, compassionate care for patients with cancer.

About our logo

Logo: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center

We're often asked what the Norris Cotton Cancer Center logo "means." Based originally on the Dartmouth-Hitchcock logo, our mark consists of four up sweeping lines surrounded by a circle. The four lines, in the shape of a mountain, represent the four pillars of our institution—research, patient care, education, and community partnership. The circle suggests the sun, light, and hope, and refers to the circular nature of cancer research and treatment. We chose the color orange for its associations with warmth, energy, and strength. Our logo encompasses and expresses the mission and vision of Norris Cotton Cancer Center.