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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Strategic Initiatives

Norris Cotton Cancer Center is using the following strategies to achieve our mission and vision.

Goal 1: Advance cancer-related science and discovery, and ensure systems that deliver the highest quality of translational and clinical research.

  • Embrace collaboration
  • Develop translational cancer research
  • Create an optimal environment for clinical cancer research
  • Achieve synergy with other major academic initiatives at Dartmouth

Goal 2: Establish systems to ensure outstanding, patient-centered oncology care and innovation, from prevention and treatment to palliation and survivorship.

  • Empower our clinical leadership and improve management performance
  • Seek institutional collaboration in addressing challenges
  • Create administrative structures to enhance patient care

Goal 3: Improve and enrich regional cancer care delivery systems in Northern New England.

  • Establish new models for regional cancer care
  • Implement a broad-based marketing strategy

Goal 4: Promote cancer prevention, education, and awareness.

  • Lead cancer prevention efforts at the community, state, and regional levels
  • Establish an Office of Community Education and Prevention
  • Support cancer prevention research to implement interventions already known to be effective
  • Encourage outcomes research to understand better the impact of specific prevention efforts
  • Lead efforts to develop prevention initiatives key to the implementation of the State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan