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Diagnosis and Treatment

After you and your doctor discuss your condition, you may be scheduled for tests to gain more information in order to reach a diagnosis. If you already have a diagnosis, you may move right to treatment.


If you have symptoms but no diagnosis, your doctor will order tests to learn more about your condition. It’s possible that you could have one or more of the following tests (but not all of these will apply to your condition):

  • Blood test
  • Biopsy
  • Imaging (X-ray, MRI, PET scan)
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Molecular test
  • Physical exam
  • Urine test

Your doctor, nurses and other team members will explain what to expect with any test you have. We encourage you to ask questions so that you can feel prepared for the steps involved.


Once you have a diagnosis, your doctor will discuss possible treatments with you. Taking into account your unique medical history, the type of disease you have, the stage of your illness, and your lifestyle, your doctor will suggest the most effective treatment for you.

Depending on your unique set of conditions, your treatment could include one or more of the following treatments (but not all of these will apply to your condition):

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Steroids
  • Surgery
  • Stem Cell Transplant

Your doctor, nurses, and other team members will help you understand what to expect with any treatment you have. We understand that your well-being is as important as your treatment. We will do our best to help you understand your options and make best choices for you and your family.

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