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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Other Team Members

Interdisciplinary Clinic

  • Mariel Day, BSN, RN
  • Patricia Leblanc, RN
  • Sandra Menard, LNA
  • Lori McDonald, RN

Program Staff

  • Kayla Fay, Thoracic Surgery Research Assistant
  • Sarah Gilman, MSW, Thoracic Continuing Care Manager
  • Meagan Lashua
  • Frances Willette

Oncology Dietitians

  • Elise B. Cushman, MS, RD, CSO, LD
  • Kacie Merchand, MS, RD, CSO, LD
  • Jeannine B. Mills, MS, RD, CSO, LD

Office of Clinical Research

  • Kiley Knapp
  • Christina L. Donnelly

Oncology Programs Coordinator

  • Daphne Ellis

Nurse Navigator

  • Sydney Rubin Fitzgerald, RN
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