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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Interdisciplinary Melanoma Clinic

One of the ways we offer personalized care is though our Interdisciplinary Melanoma Clinic. Patients with newly diagnosed melanoma will be seen at the Dermatology office at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on Heater Road in Lebanon, N.H. On the day of the clinic, patients will have consecutive appointments with Dermatology and Hematology-Oncology. Following this comprehensive exam, patients will have a consult with Surgery at the main campus, and treatment options will be reviewed at a multidisciplinary tumor board. (The melanoma tumor board includes a dermatologist, hematologist-oncologist, radiation-oncologist, general surgeon, nursing staff, and social worker. Together the group formulates a treatment plan based on evidence-based practices and emerging therapies available through clinical trials

Coordinated care eliminates delays and provides each patient with an individualized treatment plan. Together you and your providers discuss the best course of treatment, based on their knowledge of the latest research and therapies, and your preferences and values.

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