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SunSafe for the Middle School Years

In our research, three-quarters of teens reported having a sunburn the previous summer, and only a third used sun protection regularly. Teens are at a time in their lives when they establish lifetime habits.

SunSafe in the Middle School Years helps teens, and the adults in their lives—teachers, coaches, lifeguards, clinicians, and parents—learn better sun protection habits.

We provide teachers with curriculum materials they can use to incorporate UV radiation and sun protection into class curriculums, and also recommend specific school policy changes that support sun safety during school outings and sports events. Training manuals for coaches and lifeguards stress the importance of role-modeling sun protection and promoting sun safety with the teens sunbathing under their watchful eye. Clinicians are encouraged to establish an office system that promotes advice during well-child and illness office visits.

The SunSafe in the Middle School Years project has been reviewed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and information about this program has been put on its Research-Tested Intervention Programs website. As part of their review, NCI has developed an implementation guide for this program that may help local communities carry out this program in their local communities.

Download the curriculum materials below. (All documents in PDF format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later.)

Educational handouts (PDFs)

Manuals (PDFs)

School resources

Classroom activities for teachers (PDFs)

Program logos and graphics

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Sun in Color with "Be Safe"
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