Support Groups in Manchester, NH

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients and their families a variety of support groups and education classes in the Manchester, NH area. Please read the registration directions for each offering carefully. If you have suggestions of classes you would like to see offered, please speak with Brenda Drake. She can assist in finding transportation to and from cancer-related appointments, assisting with medical financial issues (including insurance navigation), connecting patients with community resources, and providing reputable cancer information. Contact her at 603-629-8683 or bdrake@CMC-NH.ORG.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center also offers telephone support groups for breast cancer, gynecological cancers, melanoma, young adults, and caregivers, which are available toll-free to anyone in the region. See the Lebanon, NH support groups page for details.


Brain Injury and Stroke Support Group

Education and discussion group for individuals with a brain tumor, brain injury, or stroke, as well as their family and friends. Facilitated by Bob Vieira, LICSW. Group held at Catholic Medical Center. For more information and to register, call Bob Vieira, LICSW, at (603) 663-6662.

See our Support Group Meetings listing for dates and times.

Living with Cancer

Education and support for patients, their loved ones, and caregivers facing the daily challenges of living with cancer. Please call (603) 629-8683 the day of the group to ensure that the session is being held that day.

See our Support Group Meetings listing for dates and times.

Look Good … Feel Better

For women who are experiencing side effects of treatment for cancer, such as skin changes and hair loss. Class is led by a trained cosmetologist. This free program not only provides each participant with over $200 of new, donated skincare products and cosmetics, it also creates another opportunity for connection between women going through similar experiences.

Available by appointment. Please call 603-629-8683 or 800-629-8683 for information.

Reach to Recovery

If you have breast cancer, you may want to talk to someone who knows what you're feeling—someone who has "been there." The American cancer Society can help through the Reach to Recovery program. Reach to Recovery can match you with a trained volunteer who will talk with you about coping with your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and will try to match you with a volunteer who is similar in age and who has had a similar breast cancer experience. This program is free.

For more information or to request to be matched, please contact Brenda Drake, (603) 629-8683.

Wig Bank

Are you coping with hair loss from cancer treatment? If so, come to the Wig Bank at Norris Cotton Cancer Center Manchester. The American Cancer Society provides trained volunteers to assist you in finding the wig that makes you feel your best. You will also receive instructions on how to care for your new wig, where to get it trimmed, and scarf-tying tips. All of the wigs are brand new and provided at no charge.

Available by appointment. Please call 603-629-8683 or 800-629-8683 for information.


Healing Harpist

We are honored to have De Luna, a healing harpist, play for our patients in the infusion room. She has explored the healing potential of art (music, painting, collage, and more) for 50 years. She became a certified music practitioner to further develop her understanding of this passion. Today, she has played music for hundreds and hundreds of people with the intention of helping them on their healing journey.

See our Events for Patients, Families, and the Community listing for dates and times.


Thriving with Yoga

For people with a current or past diagnosis of cancer—all fitness levels welcome. Class includes gentle yoga movements, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation to enliven, nourish and build our resilient selves. Pre-registration and medical form required.

For more information or to register please call (603) 674-3770.

CMC Oncology Exercise Program

The Wellness Center at CMC offers a safe environment with trained exercise physiologists and nurses. The program consists of two days per week of exercise (aerobic and circuit training) and one evening per week of yoga. This program is offered to all cancer patients undergoing treatment. Requires physician referral.

For additional information, dates, and times, please call (603) 663-8000.


Nutritional Counseling

We’ll help you create a nutritional plan, cope with weight change, improve your appetite, and evaluate herbal and vitamin therapies. Call Ann Saltalamacchia, RD, LD, at (603) 629-8691 for an appointment.