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A Feasibility Study of Unsupervised, Pre-operative Exercise Program for Patients Scheduled for Lung Cancer Surgery
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Lyons, Kathleen
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The paradigm of pre-operative exercise as a neoadjuvant therapy to reduce morbidity is increasingly promoted within general surgery and surgical oncology. Patients with lung cancer participating in pre-operative exercise have better aerobic capacity and pulmonary function and shorter hospital length-of-stay after surgery. Additionally, pre-operative exercise may increase the likelihood of resuming exercise post-surgery, thereby accelerating the pace of rehabilitation and recovery. In order to translate the research findings into sustainable clinical practice, clinician-scientists need to develop pragmatic and effective home-based exercise protocols. Wearable fitness devices offer a way to approximate the supervision that occurs in exercise research. Before the investigators can develop an intervention in which patients receive tailored support similar to what occurs with supervised exercise, they need to pilot test the monitoring aspect of the wearable fitness device in conjunction with the pre-operative exercise program. The investigators propose a mixed methods, 16 single arm feasibility study of an unsupervised, pre-operative exercise prescription (uPEP) augmented by a wearable fitness device. The proposed study of 30 patients scheduled for lung cancer surgery will identify the strengths, weaknesses, and utility of this approach. 
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Phase III
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