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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Healing Through Poetry

Norris Cotton Cancer Center Writer in Residence Marv Klassen-Landis leads the Writing Circle at NCCC, where patients explore their thoughts, feelings, and memories by writing through poetry and stories.

Below are some poems recently written by cancer survivors, one of which currently volunteers in infusion at NCCC.

Exploding Stars

Dressed in white

and lying in a white bed

in the center of a glass room

atop a skyscraper,

I wake and see a large, single star

overhead, so near…

I sit up. As if it has been waiting

for me to notice it,

the star explodes into many stars.

I see each one individually

as each new star explodes

into many other stars,

multiplying into trillions of stars,

lighting up and filling the sky

and beyond. I wake up

laughing—filled with joy, peace

and the pleasure of God.

-July 15, 2014

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