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Look Good... Feel Better Class

Each month Patient and Family Support and the American Cancer Society co-sponsor the Look Good, Feel Better class for women who are experiencing side effects of treatment for cancer, such as skin changes and hair loss.

Photo: Prescription bottle filled with cosmetics with instructions saying "Look Good, Feel Better" This free program not only provides each participant with over $200 of brand new, donated skincare products and cosmetics, it also creates another opportunity for connection between women going through similar experiences.

A volunteer cosmetologist leads the class, but the participants really guide the process of establishing trust and building relationships that can last beyond this two-hour class.

See our Support Group Meetings listing for dates and times.

Please register by emailing us at cancersupport@hitchcock.org, or by calling Patient and Family Support Services at (603) 650-7751.

Look Good... Feel Better is co-sponsored by the American Cancer Society.