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Current research shows promising benefits of yoga for people with cancer in managing symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, stress and improving quality of life. These gentle classes teach controlled breathing and gentle simple movements.

People practicing chair yoga In Gentle Yoga most of the moves are done either seated in a chair or standing behind the chair.

Gentle Yoga is taught by certified yoga instructor Kim Wenger-Hall.

Space is limited. Registration is required.

For dates and times of current classes, see our Events for Patients, Families, and the Community listing, or call Patient & Family Support Services: (603) 650-7751 or email us at

Gentle Yoga videos with Kim Wenger-Hall

Seated yoga class video still from Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock If you are wondering what our yoga classes are like or want to practice at home, these shortened sample videos of our 50-minute Beginners Yoga classes demonstrate guided sessions of chair-assisted yoga with instructor, Kim Wenger-Hall. Assistance of a chair can be beneficial to anyone who is just starting out or may need extra support for balance.

  1. Guided Meditation: A seated guided meditation to help quiet your mind. There is some background noise in the video and we considered re-recording. However, in life, there is background noise! Meditation, such as the guided session at the opening and closing of each yoga class can help you learn how to quiet your mind through all the chatter of life, and through stressful times, especially that of a cancer diagnosis.
  2. Seated Yoga: Gentle beginners yoga movements for stretching and flexibility, all done seated in a chair. Appropriate for anyone who is not able to stand or has balance complications. 
  3. Chair-Assisted Balance Yoga (standing): Standing beginners yoga movements to improve balance, using a chair for assistance.
  4. Chair-Assisted Stretching Yoga (seated): Seated beginners yoga stretches to improve flexibility, using a chair for assistance.

Watch all the videos here.

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