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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Shared Decision Making

Making a decision about how to deal with a cancer diagnosis is difficult and daunting. Norris Cotton Cancer Center provides support in the form of the Center for Shared Decision Making.

The Center for Shared Decision Making staff work with you and your family members to:

  • Evaluate the various choices you have for treatment, e.g. surgery, radiation therapy, and observation
  • Determine the pros and cons of each
  • Give you the information to make the decision that is right for you

The Center provides a great deal of information about prostate cancer and treatment options in written format, online decision aids, and video. A packet of background material and information regarding decision aids is mailed to patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer or referred for discussion of treatment options at DHMC.

The Center also offers a "Patient Support Corps" that can individually help patients process information and make treatment or other decisions, through discussion or accompaniment to appointments.

For more information about the Center for Shared Decision Making or to make an appointment, see their website, send an email to, or call (603) 650-5578.

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