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Brachytherapy: Radiation from the Inside-Out

This type of radiation therapy utilizes radioactive sources with specific energy outputs. Brachytherapy can be divided into two main branches: interstitial brachytherapy and intracavitary brachytherapy. With interstitial brachytherapy sources can be permanently or temporary placed directly into the tissue of concern. Intercavitary brachytherapy is when the source is temporarily placed into a body cavity.

Some examples of brachytherapy include:

  • Treating the liver using interstitial applicators
  • Prostate seed implant using Pd-103
  • I-131 for thyroid ablation
  • Quadremet Sm-153 for bone metastases
  • Y-90 Zevalin for radioimmunotherapy of non-hodgkins lymphoma
  • Therasphere Y-90 for liver cancer
  • Treating gynecologic cases with the Ring and Tandem, Tandem and Ovoids, Vaginal Cylinder and Mick Applicators
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