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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Radiation Therapy Services

The Radiation Oncology clinic at Dartmouth-Hitchcock treats around 1,000 new clients with cancer each year. Their therapy is overseen by a team of six radiation oncologists from diverse backgrounds covering all specialties in radiation oncology.

This team is backed by a support staff of renowned radiation physicists, therapists, dosimetrists, and nursing, dietary, and administrative staff that compliments the physician in providing expert and compassionate care to our clients. We also have other support staffs within the clinic and hospital that are unparalled resources specialized to help individuals navigate through their diagnosis, the course of treatment, and recovery once treatment is finished. Having this competent and capable staff on hand and ready to help makes all the difference in turning a frightening situation into an uplifting therapeutic experience.

Our comprehensive Radiation Therapy Services provide many options to our clients. Once a full diagnostic workup has been completed, your therapy team, lead by the physicians of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, will review the options specific to your illness and help you decide the best course for your treatment. We know that this information can be overwhelming, and we have experienced staff within the hospital and the Cancer Center to help you process the information and come to the decision that best meets your goals and expectations of recovery.

In Radiation Oncology we provide many different types of treatment options. Generally they are used independently, but sometimes they can be combined along with other treatment modalities such as surgery and chemotherapy to provide the best outcome.

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