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Cancer Currents for July 2015

Mark Israel

Earlier this month at The Prouty, Rick Mills, executive vice president of Dartmouth College, remarked to the assembled crowd, "Before coming to Dartmouth and getting to know Norris Cotton Cancer Center, I worked at Harvard Medical School and some of the other finest cancer centers in the country. What you have here, and they don't come close to having, is unbelievable community support."

What we also have is a faculty and staff that steps up and goes all the way to support the Cancer Center at The Prouty. From Kathy Smith's bake sales in Borwell where she took in $1,200; to Brent Berwin's participation with his mom, dad, wife, and son; to a host of other clinicians, administrative staff, and investigators who volunteered to register people, count money, park cars, rowed; to an even larger number who rode, golfed, walked, and made donations - YOU showed your Prouty Spirit. I can't thank you enough.

Our goal of $3.1 Million was reached by mid-afternoon on the big day, and we’re continuing to receive online donations. Generally, corporate matches arrive through September, so stay tuned for the final tally in early October.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to improve our support of research by helping investigators to identify and win funding opportunities. Specifically:

  • Applications for Prouty Pilots are under consideration and we expect to announce a second round in September.
  • Cancer Currents will now contain a link to an aggregated list of funding opportunities.
  • We are launching CAREER (Cancer Research Early Evaluation) an internal peer-review of Specific Aims open to Cancer Center Members and their lab members for review of cancer-related grants.

My best wishes for those precious summer weekends.

Mark Israel, Director

Please note that New Members, New Clinical Trials and Recent Publications from July will be shared in the August edition of Cancer Currents