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Dartmouth Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (DCCNE) Pilot Projects

Pilot Grants in Nanoparticle Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment of Tumors

With funding provided by the National Cancer Institute especially for this purpose, the Dartmouth Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (DCCNE) will fund pilot projects that advance cancer investigations related to magnetic hyperthermia treatment of tumors. The purpose of pilot grants is to support preliminary studies that demonstrate novel approaches and provide preliminary data necessary for future grant applications. Possible areas of funding include; development of novel magnetic nanoparticles or coatings for nanoparticles; novel imaging techniques for magnetic nanoparticles; novel local non-invasive temperature measurement techniques applicable to magnetic hyperthermia applications; and novel application of magnetic nanoparticles for therapeutic purposes

Eligibility Criteria: The funding is available to any member of Dartmouth College, including Geisel School of Medicine. Work may involve outside faculty as co-investigators. Investigators currently funded by DCCNE are eligible to apply, but the application should address how the request represents novel work in light of work currently funded by the DCCNE. Clinical studies are not eligible for funding.

Review Criteria: Proposals will receive internal peer review. Criteria include scientific merit, potential for eventual clinical application, and the likelihood of generating pilot data necessary for a future grant application. Applicants should address the feasibility of the work proposed.; Preference will be given to pilot projects testing novel approaches to innovative and high-risk aims. While not a pre-requisite to apply, involvement of co-investigators when more than one research perspective is relevant is encouraged.

Awards: Funding for this announcement totals $55,000 in direct costs. Awards are planned for August 1st start dates. Past Grantees may be allowed to compete for a second year of funding based on a comprehensive review of progress in the first year. Given the pilot intent of the awards, projects requiring principal investigators’ salary support and/or equipment purchases should cite an institutional commitment to pursuing the results of the proposed work.

Applications: The application must include (1) biographical sketches for the principal investigator and key personnel; (2) an abstract (250-word maximum); (3) a description of the research proposed which is limited to four pages and must address background, aims, methods, and cancer relevance. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to: Robert Gerlach, NCCC Research Administrator by June 2nd.

Requirements of Awardees: Upon conclusion of the funding period, awardees are required to submit an accounting of funds granted, together with a brief report of research results including any resulting publications or presentations.

Questions regarding this announcement and applications should be addressed to:
Robert W. Gerlach, MPA, NCCC Associate Director for Administration and Scientific Affairs
Rubin 805
(603) 653-6187


Application for DCCNE Pilot Grants in Magnetic Hyperthermia

Face Page
Principal Investigator:
First Name, Last Name, Degree(s)  ________________________________________
e-mail address:  _______________________________________________________
telephone:  ____________________________

Project Title:   __________________________________________________________

Abstract:  (250-word maximum)








Description of Research Proposed: (4-page maximum)
1:  Background: brief statement of ideas and reasoning behind the research project.
2:  Specific Aims: objectives addressed by the project.
3:  Methods: approach and feasibility.
4:  Relevance of results to Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer.

Biographical Information: NIH Format (PHS 398) for each Principal Investigator
(4-page maximum)

Budget: NIH Form Pages 4 and 5 (including Budget Justification on Form Page 5)