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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
In This Section

Microarray and Next-Gen Sequencing Services

Phase 1: Experimental Design

  • Biological questions
  • Biological replicates
  • Maximize statistical power
  • Feasibility
  • Budget

Phase 2: Data Generation

  • RNA/DNA Isolation
  • Sample QC
  • Affymetrix Microarrays and Illumina bead arrays
  • Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing

Phase 3: Data Analysis and Validation (in association with Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Cores)

  • Statistics, Clustering
  • PCR validation
  • Biological relevance

Quality Control for RNA and DNA

  • Qubit 2.0 fluorimeter: specific, accurate quantitation of nucleic acids
  • NanoDrop. Provides estimate of concentration and relative purity with A260/280 readings
  • Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical) and Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. Accurate determination of RNA and DNA quality (intactness)

Microarrays and Deep Sequencing


  • mRNA levels
  • small RNA levels
  • Genomic in-dels from frozen and FFPE samples
  • Genomics DNA methylation levels
  • Genotyping

Deep Sequencing

  • DNA Sequencing: Single-read and long- (mate-pair) and short-insert (paired-end) reads for small whole-genome sequencing and re-sequencing, de novo sequencing, structural variation, and copy number analysis
  • Transcriptome analysis: Characterize mRNA splice variants, mRNAs, nuclear RNA, coding SNPSs, and relative expression of transcripts in one experiment; profile rare and discover novel RNAs absolute quantitative transcript data
  • Gene Regulation & Control Analysis: Study epigenetic modifications and DNA-protein interactions across the entire genome and obtain a comprehensive view of the epigenome