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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Genomics Services

Experimental design

  • Assessment of feasibility
  • Selection of appropriate technology
  • Cost evaluation
  • Discussion of data analysis resources


  • Illumina Infinium arrays
    • CNV/SNP arrays
    • DNA Methylation
  • Affymetrix GeneChip arrays
    • RNA: mRNA, lncRNA and miRNA
    • DNA: CNVs and Cytogenetics

Next-generation sequencing (Illumina)

  • RNA
    • 3’-End, PolyA or Ribodepletion workflows
    • miRNA/smRNA profiling
    • Targeted panels (amplicon sequencing)
  • DNA
    • Whole Genome Sequencing
    • ChIP-seq
    • Targeted panels (probe or amplicon-based)
    • Methyl-seq
    • Linked-read sequencing (10x Genomics)

Single cell genomics (10x Genomics)

  • 3’/5’ mRNA-seq
  • TCR/BCR-seq
  • DNA-seq (CNV and Cytogenetics)
  • ATAC-seq

Quality control for RNA and DNA

  • Qubit 2.0 fluorimeter: specific, accurate quantitation of DNA or RNA
  • NanoDrop: Estimation of DNA/RNA concentration and relative purity
  • Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical): Capillary electrophoresis for DNA/RNA
  • quality assessment